Jon Wahl

Okay, first of all, I can't use the suavest pic of Jon ever, because it's on an artist's site and probably copyrighted more ways than I can count.  BUT YOU CAN GO TAKE A LOOK AT IT HERE! In the meantime, here's the GOOFIEST picture I could find:

Suave in other ways, I suppose...

Anyway, now for the mini-musical-history. NJon helped me a lot with this, typing until he just got sick of it. He indicated there's probably a lot more of the one-offs than he could be bothered to list, but this is still as definitive as you're gonna get, I imagine. His comments follow each project!

The following projects are one-offs, guest appearances et cetera.

I find a lot of this really interesting - especially the bits scattered around the late 70s (2nd or 3rd wave? I get confused) SoCal punk scene. Something should also be noted, both here and on the Claw Hammer discography, that Claw Hammer complete was a backup band on Wayne Kramer's "The Hard Stuff" LP in 1994, and Jon later joined his touring band and went overseas. Lotta freaking stuff here. As usual, if you can fill in a gap, please email me.