Some new press photos came in Bagarozzi Lane. Cool. As always, if you have some Claw Hammer images, please send them my way to

Not sure how I'll do this when it gets bigger...probably thumbnails, even though I hate those. For now I'll just throw the full-size images on until it gets to be a pain to load.

From the Rick Sortwell-era on the kit...(l-r) Jon, Chris, Rob, Rick

Enter The Bob: Circa '90? (l-r)Jon, Rick, Bob, and Chris

Ramwhale-era: (l-r) Bob, Rob, Jon with Chris crouched there at the bottom

Epitaph years. Clockwise from Chris in upper-left: Chris, Rob, Bob, Jon

Dunno when this one (above) was taken.

The above pic is from circa 1988 - Claw Hammer at a record store in Reseda, CA called Be-Bop Records. Note Rick Sortwell couldn't make the show and is replaced by Allen Clark (who played drums for the Lazy Cowgirls).

The cover for 'Scuse The Excursion. I love, by the way, how Bob is front and center.