Good lord - how to even approach this. Claw Hammer released a slew of albums, EPs, 7 inches, comp tracks, and assorted other stuff in their 8 year recording career. Here is what I know of. Any additions, feel free to email me and let me know. Thanks!

Full Length Releases SINGLES Comps With Unreleased Songs (I thought the above section would be a bitch to track down, but I found most of it on Bob Lee's page already typed out for me!

Unauthorized Live Recordings

Yes, I'm talking about tape tradin' boots. Note that it is illegal to own these or trade them or ask for them. Please think of me as only a source for information. Of course, if you have any such "information", please get in touch with me (law enforcement officials, RIAA representatives and postal employees NEED NOT APPLY). I don't even know the band's outlook on trading shows anyway, so this may be a very short-lived section...