Welcome To My Claw Hammer Page! This is a page for the amazing band Claw Hammer, who have always blown me away since I first heard FUBAR, oh so long ago. I see virtual shrines to so many other bands from that era, but not them, so here we go. I claim no affiliation with the band or it's members, nor do I claim to be great at HTML or anything like that. So my apologies if this seems unwieldy and ill-informed. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The links below should be pretty self-explanatory. If you know nothing about the band, check out the "about" section, pics are in images, et cetera. To get back here just click the cubist Claw Hammer banner above. The important link is my email! If you can help fill in some details (like in the discography section for sure) please let me know! Thanks. Oh, any interviews/articles/scans whatever, send them my way. This front page will also be where any Wahl or Claw Hammer related news will be shared.

June 6th Jon Wahl plays a gig this weekend! Info below:
Sunday, June 8th
4519 Santa Monica Blvd. (in Virgil Village)
(323) 662-6802
FREE before 6pm... $5 after. 21+
Jon Wahl: guitar, singing, & tenor saxophone
Kevin Fitzgerald: snare drum & brushes
(from Jon)Come see us gently devour old standards like "In a Semi-Mental Mood",
"Tennesse Schmaltz" and originals like "Saxophone Rigor Mortis" and "Thanks
for the Grapey Libations". We'll take requests, we just may not play 'em.

5pm... One dollar drafts and NO COVER UNTIL 6pm. Show up early and get
your buzz on for a buck.
6pm... Jon Wahl & Kevin Fitzgerald
7pm... the Golden Bats
8pm... Business Machines
9pm... Flamethrower

Last webpage update Updated May 11th: Big update! New pictures! The Chris Bagarozzi page is up, with musical history and a great interview all about playing the guitar. A lengthy Flipside Interview from 1990 as well as a short but sweet Guitar Player article have been transcribed for your pleasure. And last but not least - a live lounge version of Hey Old Lady And Bert's Song has been uploaded.

OKAY - guestbook and forum are now OPERATIONAL. Please use them! Thanks a lot. Also, if ya just wanna get in touch with me direct, there's always my email.

Stuff that's coming - more sound files! Plus, Bob Lee mentioned doing an exhaustive, ultimate Bob Lee interview which is really exciting. I just heard some Backbiter (I think that's the name?), his new band and really liked it. This is gonna be cool. Also, I just got a stack of Claw Hammer live shows and am expecting more, so that section of the discography is gonna be pretty beefed up next time I update it. Stay tuned.

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